The Gazos Creek Story

By definition, organizational culture is the collective way we "get things done around here." It is a set of learned behaviors that is common knowledge to a group of like-minded individuals.

In the mid 1980s the area around Gazos Creek on the northern California coast was a favorite destination for hiking and biking enthusiasts from many communities in the area. It was also a traditional breeding area for Pacific Coho Salmon and Steelhead Trout. But due to a failure to give adequate protection to this watercourse, the native fish population was in serious decline.

A concerted effort by local outdoor enthusiasts and organizations was mounted and repairs were made to more than 50 erosion gullies from which thousands of cubic yards of gill-choking sediment was emptying into Gazos Creek during storms. Due to this effort, the Steelhead Trout population is in good shape and it is hoped that the Coho Salmon population in the creek will return to historic numbers.

Here at Gazos Creek, organizational culture plays out in a variety of ways. We identify with our culture on a professional and a personal level. On the professional side it represents how information is gathered, feedback is given, performance is managed, and projects are co-coordinated within the organization. On the personal side, it is reflected in the way we conduct our lives and the honesty, tolerance and moral grounding we leverage as we interact with the world around us. Our culture both professionally and personally are embodied in the name and the history of the creek we chose to name ourselves after when the company was founded in 1995.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast or an environmentally minded person we encourage you to visit the Santa Cruz County coast and Gazos Creek in particular. Hopefully it will inspire you in the way we were inspired decades ago and continued to be inspired today.

About Gazos Creek


Our mission is to provide the full range of network technology services from strategic planning to the implementation and configuration of solutions for our clients infrastructure.

Tools and Technology

Along with traditional tools such as AutoCAD, Visio, P3 and Project, our team of experts utilize in-house developed tools to successfully complete projects. We encourage our customers as well as other project partners to actively participate in our secure on-line tracking. Our repeated experience shows that investment in these tools leads to a more cohesive and well-documented project.

Team and Talent

Gazos associates possess core technical competencies in multi-service networking (voice, data, video), infrastructure, communications construction, network support, auditing and security. These skills are developed through extensive field experience and continual professional development. Projects have been completed nationally and internationally and have ranged in duration from one month to over two years.

Our goal is to recruit and foster staff by providing a professional career path. Our success in the industry has been achieved by tying project success to staff fulfillment. We involve our staff early in project review in order to build a foundation for proper execution.

The educational credentials of the team member's supports our history of sound field experience. Our associates hold academic degrees in a variety of engineering disciplines and/or Masters degrees in project management. This complement allows our team members to cohesively blend the skill of emerging technology with the discipline of resource management.